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Michael's info and fees for copying/arranging

Copyist/Arranging Work

Need parts copied or transposed for your latest performance or project? Want some comp tracks to be fleshed out as full horn or string sections? It can be accomplished!

Standard pricing is $25/hour. This includes the following:

  • Up to five part arranging without additional instruction
  • Complex scoring
  • Scoring of parts produced by someone other than myself

Standard Copy Pricing

For typical projects, pricing is calculated from the lower of either $25/hour or a set per-page rate.

Per-Page Copy Pricing Rates

  • Full-Score Page - $25.00/page
  • Small Ensemble (Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets) - $15.00/page
  • Solo Instrument with Piano Accompaniment - $15.00/page
  • Solo Piano - $15.00/page
  • Single-Line parts - $12.50/page
  • Single-line Parts extracted from a completed score - $8.00/page

*Note: Per-page rates are based on the finished project, not on the original scores submitted.

Additional Version Fees

The following fees apply to projects that include multiple versions of the same piece of music (such as having a piece transposed to three different keys). The percentage listed represents the increase to the maximum per-page pricing and does not affect the per-hour pricing at all.

  • Additional transposition - 10% of total project
  • Additional instrumentation - 20% of total project
  • Additional version with extensive differences - 50% of total project

Arranging Fees

For arranging, I request that any piano parts or other scores be marked up in a 3, 4, 5, or more part harmony and each line be specificed by instrumentation. Any time that this is left up to me charges must be hourly.

  • Full-Score Page - $50.00/page
  • Small Ensemble (Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets) - $30.00/page
  • Solo Instrument with Piano Accompaniment - $30.00/page

Additional Fees

Add 25% to the total per-page price if the score has to be created in any other version of Finale besides Finale 25.

All corrections are complete free-of-charge.


By default, all projects are delivered in PDF format via electronic transfer (email, FTP, Google Drive, etc.). I can only print 8.5" x 11" prints with a laser printer, so large format prints will need to be taken to your local document shop (such as Kinko's or OfficeMax) to print. Scores are not taped together and are delivered in loose-leaf format. All pages will be marked accordingly to prevent confusion.


I accept cash, cashier's checks, personal checks, and PayPal, due at completion.