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Below are some work highlights from several projects


Michael worked with the educational branch of the Kennedy Center, called ARTSEDGE, which specializes is bringing music into the educational world. He assisted on the "Perfect Pitch" project which utilized Michael's original compositions in several differing styles. Having a great love of teaching and arts education Michael was honored to assist in any way possible for this group's purpose.

The Nameless MOD

After being in development for many years, The Nameless MOD has been released. Michael always enjoyed the Deus Ex games for their complex story lines and was happy to be involved with this project. The development team created a deep environment with a great storyline that will not disappoint. You can hear Michael voicing two separate roles: King Kashue and Shadowcode.

The DarkMOD

Being a huge fan of the Thief series of games, Michael discovered this MOD for the DOOM3 engine set within a Thief-like universe. He simply had to become involved and began sound design as well as ambient music for this project. The whole MOD team is incredibly talented and will really shine against many of the other MODs out there. And now it's even a standalone installation.

Red Cross

Michael teamed up with Oddkid Productions supplying on location sound recording, clean up and mastering as well as composition of the music for one of the Red Cross' diversity training videos to be supplied to the American Red Cross' Southeast regional offices.


As a fan of the Coverville podcast, Michael responded to the call of host Brian Ibbott who sent out a search request for covers of Squeeze tracks back in 2008. Michael couldn't resist and completed a cover of Squeeze's "Take Me I'm Yours" to be included on the compilation.


Schlöckwerk is Michael's alter-ego that allows him freedom to pursue projects he normally would not pursue. This project band is a lovingly crafted parody of all of the things that Michael loved growing up - a pastiche respectfully digging at his favorite guilty pleasures.