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Below are some highlights from Michael's voiceover work


The Nameless MOD: King Kashue

A walkthrough parts of The Nameless MOD featuring one of the characters Michael voiced for this project: King Kashue.
Download The Nameless MOD


Voiceover work Michael performed for a fan mission. This is the briefing from "On The Trail Of A Fence."
Download "On The Trail Of A Fence" now

Quotes on the forums about Michael's performance:

"Probably the best Garrett impersonation yet." - Theothesnopp, The DarkMOD forums

"And the voice of saxmeister is just.....Garrett voice!" - lowenz, The MarkMOD forums

"…yes, saxmeister's job is downright awesome." - Beleg CĂșthalion, author of "On The Trail Of A Fence"